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    Lessons learned

    Here I learnt the invaluable impact of clear lines of communication with stakeholders. In my experience, this project has had more iterations than compared to previous projects. I suspect that this was because of misunderstandings caused by a difference in opinion or understanding what stuff meant.

    Impact of the project

    The client was able to upload thought leadership pieces that he wrote on the current and future investment trends, he was subsequently able to upload the same and share them with his audience, I believe that this improves trust between himself and users, this was paramount to our problem statement.

    Reflections on my experiences

    While I enjoyed working on the project, certain aspects of the project were tougher than expected. The complexity was increased due to the client not always being available to talk to.


    The project was completed in a collaborative approach between stakeholders. And could not have been completed without the help of the Peo Risk team which was comprised of Livhu Mafela. Livhu was responsible for liaising between the client and me. I was subcontracted to handle all design aspects. Together we formed a strong team